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    Animate "horizontalScrollPosition" for HorizontalList using external buttons

    firdosh Level 1

      Hey everyone,

                           I have a simple image gallery component which basically consists of a HorizontalList and 2 Buttons



      |                                                                                      |

      |                             HORIZONTAL                                     |

      |                                  LIST                                             |

      |                                                                                     |



                       ---------------      ---------------

                       |    Prev   |       |   Next     |

                       ---------------    ----------------



      The previous and next buttons act as pagination buttons. What I basically want is the image thumbnail (itemrenderers ) to animate when the user clicks the button or when I set the horizontalScrollPosition property. Is this possible with the Flex3.4 SDK ? . For some reason  itemsChangeEffect is only avaialble for List and TileList components. Is there any other way to achieve a scrolling effect to a certain position in the Horizontal List component?