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    Workflow for footage replacement on output


      Hi, I'm afraid I don't even know what to call this approach, it's always been a theoretical workflow in my head...as I've never had to use it...until now haha


      But anyway I'm trying to edit from source footage all in AVCHD 1080p 24...  Suffice it to say, realtime decoding and editing of footage that high res is too laggy, which is understandable.


      I'm more than happy to transcode my hundreds of gigabytes worth of footage into 720p 24 DVCHDPRO P2's for far smoother editing, but I still want my final output rendering to pull its footage from my original footage not the footage I have on the sequence.


      Is there a streamlined way in Adobe Production Premium CS4 to set up mirrored folders with identical footage but with different encoding?  One folder for my sequence and editing, and the other for rendering?


      I almost considered just setting up two folders with avisynth files masking two different locations and just frameserve that into Premiere when it was time to render, but that's not going to be possible because as far as I can tell, avisnyth has no available way of decoding mxf files.


      I've read one place where someone from Adobe talks about transcoding the AVCHD footage into MXF files and then set up a watch folder so that the output is still 1080p......but I've looked everywhere for information about what watch folders are and how they work and can find precious little about it...and what I do find does not sound like what I'm thinking of...


      Also if transcoding from a large pool of this high definition footage for editing, is my choice of editing encoding a good one?

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          Paterooni Level 1

          ok duh looks like my question has been answered lol




          I must have missed this thread when I was scanning through originally...  I just didn't know what I was searching for


          EDIT: But seriously, offline and online video editing?  How was I supposed to know that means edit and production footage?  lol

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            The problem is often, when new to PR, that the terminology used in this program is often unclear or confusing. That is why it makes life a lot easier if you spend time reading the manual or help file to gain a good understanding of what is called what. Remember that when you post a question, all we can do is READ the post and if incorrect terminolgy is used, it makes it that much harder to understand what is meant. It really pays to read the manual or help file, because your questions will be much more effective with the proper terminology.


            When you come into a car repair shop and say: "These black things don't turn anymore" the mechanic will look you over and - with much incredibility in his voice, react: "What do you mean, these black things?" You can then point to your tires and he gets the picture. That is not a luxury we have on the forums. If you were to fax the same question to the car repair shop, they probably would not even react. However, had you used the word tire instead of black thing, it would have made much more sense.