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    making a pdf "read only"




      I created a document (459 pages !!! ) in Microsoft Word and then converted it to Adobe Acrobat Professional.  It is stored on a drive which is shared by a "bunch" of users.  This was not a problem, before, because none of the folks who utilized the document had anything except ADOBE Reader.   Now, because of new functions they have to perform, more and more of the staff are getting Professional.


      All of that said, I need to secure the document so that it is a "read only" document for everyone except me, whether it is opened in Reader or Pro.


      I have tried using the help functions but I'm just not getting it     and need a little hand holding.


      Can someone please walk me thru the steps of what I need to do.  ( Pretend I'm a total computer moron ) 


      Thank you.

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          ALBERTAGATOR Level 1

          I got my answer from another source.   If anyone else needs help with this, I've made a document which describes the steps.   Feel free to email me and I will send you a copy.



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            Bill@VT Level 7

            The basic answer is simply to set the security on the PDF. This is not fool proof, but should meet your needs.

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              You can configure the document's Security Settings to make the PDF read only.

              1. Click Document > Security > Show Security Settings for this Document.

              2.  Select Security Method as Password Security.

              3. At the Password Security Settings dialog, check the Permissions box and assign a Permissions password known only to you (users can open the document without knowing this password)

                   a. Define a setting for printing of the document as needed

                   b. Define the setting for changing the document (None=read only; other restrictions are possible—experiment!)

                   c. Enable copying of the document if needed

              4. Click OK to save these settings.

              5. Retype the Permissions password in Step 3.

              6. You must save the document to preserve these settings.