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    AME - source and output tab issue

    shooternz Level 6

      I am experiencing a weird  issue with AME (CS4).


      The AME out put tab preview does not match the source preview tab in certainn circumstances. (when some fx are applied)


      Currently I have  a 720p (PAL) P2 sequence timeline with a PSD BG layer and then a keyed scene above it.  (rough key using 'Color key effect'  before I take the scene into AEFX for finishing).


      When I export to AME to produce preview files for my client the source file preview matches the source monitor in Premiere window.  The Output tab previews the BG layer shifted right !  ( I can see the edge of the BG and a "black pillar").  It exports this way as well.


      I have tried to identify the issue (trial and error) and it can only be the Key Effect.  Of course I can not prove it because if I remove the key I can not see the BG.


      AME PAR preview options makes no difference.


      Use of the preview files makes no difference..


      Weird...a bug?  Anyone able to replicate this?


      BTW - this happens if I export wmv , qrt, bmp....

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          fuaho Level 1

          When it comes to weird there are plenty of conditions in PrPro that satisfy that.


          Select the clip that the effect is applied to and then look at both opacity\Image Blend and motion (640x360). I've found that strange things can happen there sometimes...


          May be nothing, but can't hurt to check it.



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            shooternz Level 6

            I have discovered this is an issue in this instance caused by the type of .pds file I was using as a bg.


            It was not created as a 720p (dimension /PAR) but left oversized so it could be scaled and moved around.


            When I tried it with a true 720 psd ...no issues. but also no control over scale and motion.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              When I export to AME


              Why not take advantage of a great new CS4 feature and just Replace with After Effects Composition?

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                shooternz Level 6

                I use the DL function once I  lock down the edits and do the proper key and fx in AEFX. on a scene by scene basis.


                While I am knocking out the edits,( 8 TVCs with 4 keyed scenes in each)  I need to keep the clients and art directors  in the picture so send them wmvs and bmps on a regular basis.  It is far too slow to go to AEFX for the incremental changes that occur in this process.


                Meantime.... it is still inexplicable why the timeline and the source monitor show  correct image and the AME out put tab (and the export) are screwed up.   There is no way that AME is using the Preview Files otherwise this cant happen.


                Its a bug.