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    Lenght of captured clips


      I'm using Premiere CS3. When I capture an HD 24p clip from a MiniDV tape, I can only capture about 21 minutes. During capture all seems ok. I'm using a sony GV-HD700 Tape deck. I used a Sony HDR FX1000 Camera. The tape plays fine on the cam and on the tape deck. Everything seemed fine during capture, (i.e no dropped frames, no interuptions or hick ups during capture). It appears as though the 55 minutes of video captured ok. But when I place the captured clip into the time line and it only shows about 21 minutes of video then at the of it, theres a red screen that last about 2-3 minutes before the clips stops.  Does any one have a clue as to what I might be doing wron? Is there a way to increase the amount video that can be capured?  Can someone help please.