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    Cannot view animated powerpoint text in editing mode


      I have imported a PPoint presentation as an animation.  When viewing the slides in the Captivate 3 editor I see what the slide looks like before the animation takes place rather than after.  The problem is I need to put transparent buttons over the bulleted points so that users can click to link to other slides (it's a contents page).  This wouldn't be a problem except I can't see where the text is without previewing the animation - and as soon as I stop it, the text disappears.


      On other slides I have a similar problem where a small graphic appears at the end of the animation and I want the users to click on it to jump to another slide.  I know how to overlay a transparent Captivate button, just not where because I can't see how the slide looks at the end.


      So, how can I view how a slide looks after an animation, in the editor view?