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      I have a website which shows samples of my work - http://www.carswellcreativedesign.co.uk/portfolio_print.html


      What I'd like to do is get rid of the numbers and replace them with just 2 buttons - 'back' and 'next', so that the user just clicks through each example. Is it a case of creating a new webpage for each example even though I only want the thumbnail to change each time?


      I use Fireworks CS3 very often and don't really see myself as a novice but I'm totally stuck on how to do this. Perhaps I'm just being ultra stupid and the answer is staring me in the face! Or can this effect not be done in Fireworks?


      Can anyone help? I've tried to look for an example of the effect I'm after but can't find anything at this moment, so I hope I've explained myself enough!

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          Creating a whole web site in fireworks, even though fireworks gives the ability to design web sites quickly and easily, is not the right way.

          For example the text should just be text written in html that browsers (such as explorer or firefox) can read, and not an image exported by fireworks. This causes web sites to have big heavy icons that need a lot of time to load. Also, searching machines like google or yahoo, will not see your web site and its links.

          Maybe you should start using html and some css for that purpose.(http://w3schools.com/html/default.asp)

          If you like check the new FWcs4v, which can export a true web site using css and images exporting option. A document exported like css and images, might not be considered as a complete web site though and always needs some editing, but i see that you seem to know Fireworks pretty good, so this may help you in understanding this process.


          As for the image gallery that you want to have, it can be achieved with fireworks, by loading a new page everytime. If you are going to go further than Fireworks in web design, maybe you can check a javascript or a flash gallery.

          Searh in google for 'javascript image gallery' and you can find some examples.


          Here you can find a javascript slideshow like the one you want -> http://www.datafilehost.com/download-c03e4ab9.html



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            I am aware that text should be written in html and usually I do create websites using html and css, but for the purposes of this site I did it all graphically. It was designed more as an online portfolio whilst I was looking for a new job, so that companies could view my work before inviting me to interview. I was not looking to be found in a search engine.


            The site I am designing is a newer version and will include html throughout.


            Thanks for the advice about the 'next' buttons.