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    pixel bender to improve performance

    rechtut Level 1

      i have just dicovered pixelBender and am very intrigued by the possibility of taking advantage of the processing speed  improvement that it seems to offer.

      but i do not understand enough to know if it can help me in my situation:


      i am getting ready to do an interactive instalation that is going to be very animation heavy:

      1600x1200 stage, fullscreen

      15-20 layers of large bitmaps

      in constant animation

      animation is influenced by interactiion (vaguely like game terrain)


      i know that sooner rather then later i will run into preformance problems - jumpiness.


      my question is this:


      above and beyond bixelBender's tendency to be a FILTER tool, can it be used to improve animation performace?


      thanx in advance