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    projector vs. air desktop

    rechtut Level 1

      someone please correct me if this is pure ignorance:


      for years i preffered when given a choice to use director rather then flash projector for developing desktop apps.


      my primary reason always was that flash was very timid about taking up cpu and/or ram. it used to limit itself when it came to resources and as a result the perfomance suffered.


      all this is going back to flash 5/6/7






      IS there a performance advantage in packaging an app as air as opposing to as an exe projector?

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          allnicksalreadytaken Level 1

          i'm no expert but i don't think there is a real performance difference between air and projector since (correct me if i'm wrong) they both use basically the same flash player to render their (flash based) content.

          The difference lies mostly in the capabilities of air.

          The AIR api provides alot more functionality than available to standard flash player (sqllite database, system drag'n'drop, native html rendering capabilities just to name some of them).

          If you compare flash 7 which used as2 to flash 10 nowadays there is a great performance increase due to as3 and hardware accelerated rendering.

          Check some benchmarks from the web.


          I Hope i could help a bit

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            tedalde2 Level 2

            I used Director Projectors for years, and now only use Flash and AIR (no reason other than it's what the company I now work for uses). As stated above, AIR does have great built-in features that Flash EXEs or Director Projectors do not natively have. But if you want a general performance comparison, it all depends on your project. The last I heard, AS3 is now "as fas as Lingo" in many cases. Though you'd have to lookup or do your own benchmarking on that; I don't know of any stats offhand. I see that an AIR app with nothing inside takes about 10MB of memory. If I recall, Projectors took around 3MB (depending on xtras...). On top of that, it's all in the assets you put into it.


            Now, if only a good Director 3D project would come along... that's off-topic though

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              rechtut Level 1

              thanks for the input.


              on the off-topic:

              i messed around with chromeLib and director 11 when it finally came out. and my take was that although the 3d capabilities were certainly improved/extended, it was all woefully behind the times.

              the end image quality was hovering somewhere around late 1990's (doom on steroids)...broken planes, overextended textures, poor atmospherics...it did have good, sweet camera movement.

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                tedalde2 Level 2

                Director 3D certainly can't provide all the glitz of a native 3D code application, but I worked extensively with it a few years ago and found it more than adequete for creating a moderately complex, multi-level, web- and desktop-based 3D environment. I don't know if anything has come out recently that's better than Director at doing that kind of thing. So I'm still a big fan. And as long as I'm waaay off-topic, I think this is still the high-water mark for Director 3D creation: http://www.rasterwerks.com/