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    Flash Video Component


      Hi there,


      I am using flv playback component in one of the my e-learning courses. Flash videos are being streamed from a streaming server.

      I am using following events to play with videos in the course:


      videomc.addEventListener("buffering", listenerObject);
      videomc.addEventListener("stateChange", listenerObject);
      videomc.addEventListener("ready", listenerObject);
      videomc.addEventListener("playheadUpdate", listenerObject);
      videomc.addEventListener("seek", listenerObject);
      videomc.addEventListener("scrubFinish", listenerObject);
      videomc.addEventListener("complete", listenerObject);


      The problem I am facing is, when I am clicking the "forward button" of the playback component, the component do not fire the complete event.


      Can anyone help me, it's urgent...


      Thanks in advance