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    Interaction Dropdowns and Conditional Build

    NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1

      (I use RH8 to build CHMs and PDFs under WinXP SP3, no network drive)


      In a project I have some dropdowns intended for online use ("Click here to see ...") which should be omitted from the printed version. So I marked the entire paragraph with a suitable Conditional Build Tag (e.g. Online). In RH7 this gave the effect I wanted; the entire paragraph and its dropdown were absent from the PDF, which was generated with Conditional Build "NOT Online" and Advanced "Include drop-down text".


      With RH8 the behaviour has changed; the calling paragraph is successfully suppressed but the drop-down is always printed.


      Fortunately the workaround is not too difficult; open the dropdown, select its entire contents and mark that with the appropriate condition.


      Does anyone know another workaround, or an easy way to find conditional dropdowns?


      --- Derek