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    Export file formats from flash?

    codename sabrina

      Hi, I have an issue concearning existing file formats for export in Flash CS4.

      According to the user's manual in Italian I have found, http://help.adobe.com/it_IT/Flash/10.0_UsingFlash/WS0E26E472-1533-4297-A904-59476E8E1935.h tml

      available formts include EPS and AI.

      As far as AI is concearned, I have this option but exported AI files are hard to open in Illustrator, since a number of problems appear.

      If I separate all groups in Flash and then export to AI format, Illustrator finally opens the AI file, but changing the colours and the shape of my design.

      Moreover, no dialogue box for Illustrator version options appear when I choose AI for export, as is described in the support page.

      As to EPS file format, it is not in the export file dialogue box, the formats I have are JPG, PNG, GIF, EMF, WMF, BMP.

      My point is that I draw in Flash, then I need to export the designs in Illustrator for print optimization, but the content changes dramatically, if I actually can open the files.

      Caould anyone help me?