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    computer requirements for HD editing ?




      I'm suddenly in a mad rush. I have to buy a new computer within a week to take advantage of a tax concession.

      I have ordered a new video camera which shoots HD, I've not had any experience with HD yet.

      I will buy the latest version of PE, currently have version 4.

      Not too cluey on computers but know I need one with X amount of grunt to handle editing HD.


      Someone on a forum somewhere recommended a quad core (?) processor

      and someone said they were doing fine with a duo core.


      How many G of ram?


      Is the size/type of the graphics card important?


      Any other aspects to consider? (speed of hard drive?)


      If anyone can recommend minimum requirements I can work from there

      and maybe go a step or two higher.


      I haven't been into video that long but I love it and very happy with PE,

      tend not to buy computers too often so want to get the right one first go.

      Video editing is the only heavy duty stuff I do on a computer.


      I have a bias for Dell if anyone wants to recommend a specific model.


      I would like a laptop if possible.


      Many thanks, Ian