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    Open PDF from database in a browser and run Javascript within PDF


      What we're trying to accomplish is to query a PDF in the database and open the PDF in the browse. Once opened if a user click on a link to open another PDF, it launchs a URL to Coldfusion, that queries the database and opens the PDF link. This all works but we also want to have the open PDF goto a section or bookmark within the PDF. We currently have JavaScripts within the PDF links that do that but only if the PDF is in the file system. We're using the app.openDoc to get a reference to the opened PDF. But when opening the PDF from the database we pass the control to Coldfusion using app.launchURL or app.getURL. These do not pass back a reference to the opened PDF and the JavaScripts fails.



      I'm looking for different methods or ideas.

      Is there another way to do this, I'm new to acrobat JavaScripting?


      Thanks, Rob