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    .Net integration with Adobe

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            this may seems to be back to the basics.


      Can we integrate Adobe forms with .Net application without the help of Adobe foundation ES?  I mean, can I publish a form, make user to fill it and resubmit it back to .Net applications with buying just readers Extension and Forms designer? Or do I need to purchase the Adobe Foundation as well to connect with the APIs from .Net. ( using the help document on connecting .Net with Adobe ES)


          I worked with web services of  .net in publishing Adobe forms with the help of data connections using Adobe Designer. Can I use the webservices for forms interaction where I dont require Adobe foundation ES.


      To put this in a concrete way, In my business where everything is developed using .Net applications and Oracle, can I just buy Adobe designer and Readors extensions to develop interactive forms and use it in .Net or should I have to purchase the Enterprise Suite (Atleast the foundation ES).



      I'm bit confused about these basics. Kindly help.