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    Publishing a projector on a CD


      I am making a CD using Director. I will be using about 200 audio files and each is about one meg. I intend to link them externally so as not to overload the user's computer memory. The problem is that I am doing this for the first time. I am doing the project on a new Mac. I also have Toast 9. Will that be OK? By the way, I tried to import a graphic that was 6 K only. When I imported it using standard import, it showed as more than 200 k in the property inspector. That is why I am linking all my big files externally. Will the publishing be easy at the end of the day or what do you think? I mean what do I really need to be careful to do? Thanks.

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          There's no point linking to external sound files. They have to be accessed when you need to play them anyway.


          The reason your 6KB file blew out to 200+KB is because it was probably a JPEG and was uncompressed when imported. You can always add the compression back into bitmaps when publishing, but don't confuse sound with images - the same compression doesn't hold. Try it by importing a sound file and see how large it is in Director's castLib.