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    Whats the math behind converting from square pixels to non-square...?


      Does anyone know the math behind resizing a video from square pixel to non-square?


      Say if I have a 720x480 4:3 video and I render it out as square pixels. So then I need to resize it down to non-square so that it will no longer be stretched....I know I can just use premiere or quicktime to scale it properly for me but what is the math behind it? I'll admit im no mathematician, all i know is that square pixels = 1 and dv = .9, how you go from there is beyond me.


      Reason I ask is because I have a 800x600 video in square pixels and just want to know how in the world it makes sense that you change it to 755x600 and the stretch is gone. How does do you get to that number?


      Many thanks in advance!