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    Director - Playing random clips


      Hi all,


      Please be gentle with my first post.  Its a big ask!


      I once used Director years ago at University and havnt touched it since then.
      I now have a new project and feel director might be the way forward for me, but cant for the life of me figure out how to or even if Director can do what i need.


      I need to create a presentation with video footage, that doesnt play the same twice.


      • The intro is played and is the same each time,


      • Then one of two or more random clips is played,


      • THEN one of two or more random clipc, depending on the previous clip, is played,


      • ...and so on until the end.


      As I said, the concept is that each time you watch it, you see something new.


      So guys, please could you advise if this can be done, and if so, how so?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Create yourself a global list of video clips when your projector starts (prepareMovie). Every time you need to play a video, choose one at random from the list with something like:

          -- how many videos remain in the global list
          nVideos = count(gVideoList)
          -- if there are any
          if nVideos then
            -- generate a random index in the list
            tIndex = random(nVideos)
            -- grab the value at this position
            video = gVideoList[tIndex]
            -- remove it so you won't see it again
            -- alert "No more videos available"
          end if
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            Steggman Level 1

            Hi Sean,


            Thanks for the reply.


            Using this process i guess it would be possible to have several lists set up.
            ie. section one clips, section two clips and so on.


            THanks again, I'll try this out mate.