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    docking palettes...

    r_tist Level 1



      I know there is a way to re-set the palettes so they resort back to the default docking layout on the upper, right.

      Can you refresh my memory as to where I can click to have them all default back?


      Thank you.

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          Jesseham Level 4

          in the window menu, you have workspaces.  In there are the factory default settings and you can also save your own default settings.  If you have a dual monitor setup, be aware that there are a few panels that (pretty much) won't remember to stay on the second screen.

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            Steve Fairbairn Level 5

            Is there any way to PREVENT the palettes from docking?

            This docking business seems to have crept in with CS3 and I find it rather infuriating. Palettes often seem to go there by accident.

            I much prefer Photoshop's docking - is there any way to position the dock at the top?