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    cfdocument produces white rectangle

    pfurrer Level 1



      If I try to create a PDF with <cfdocument> and want to add a watermark with <cfpdf> (on the background, not on the foreground!), there is always a white object (page size) which hides the watermark. Only after deleting the object with Acrobat the watermark gets visible.


      I think this is a bug in <cfdocument>. I'm not able to produce a PDF without this white rectangle (tried with different HTML-Tags, Plain-Text etc.).



      <cfdocument format="pdf" filename="test.pdf">test</cfdocument>

      <cfpdf action="addwatermark" image="test.jpg" foreground="no" source="test.pdf">


      CF 8.0.1 (Update April 08)


      Any ideas/similar experiences?