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    Story and IDMLComponentName


      Hi Everyone, thanks in advance for the help.


      I am looping through stories with the intention of:


           1) Finiding the Story I want

           2) Pulling information from it's content.


      As I've been working with IDML I thought the IDMLComponentName property of the Story object would be perfect to determine which Story I'm in. However when I run through the code below (C#):


              public void placePageMarkers(String filepath)
                  InDesign.Application app = (InDesign.Application)COMCreateObject("InDesign.Application");
                  InDesign.Document doc = (InDesign.Document)app.Open(filepath, false);
                  InDesign.Stories sts = (InDesign.Stories)doc.Stories;


                  IEnumerator IEn = sts.GetEnumerator();


                      InDesign.Story st = (InDesign.Story)IEn.Current;




      I get a bunch of story names that don't match up in anyway to my stories when I open the document in idml? Is there any way to equate "this is the story in idml" -> "this is the story when scripting" ?