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    Audio Won't Stop when Previewing


      So, I have a 3 minute mp3 file on my stage; the idea is to provide background music for my animation.  So I go to preview the animation, and everything works fine, until I stop the preview.  Then the audio keeps playing on and on.  If I hit the preview again, obviously the music starts up again, and then won't stop, in a vicious circle of death that has me fleeing from the room.


      To make it clear, I'm not previewing the audio file, I'm previewing the entire animation with the audio file on the stage.  Thank you for your help!

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          Okay, I solved it myself but I thought I'd post the solution here for newbies like myself who can't seem to locate anything useful in Adobe's help systems.


          When you set up an audio file, import it into your Library and not the stage.  Set up a layer for your background music, add a keyframe (name it something appropriate, and then in the frame properties, you can set a sound.


          Under "name" select the audio file you imported.  The other important bit is to select "stream" under Sync.  This will make the audio play only when and where the movie plays.  Handy.