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    Value entered does not match  format...


      Sorry to bother anyone..

      I have created forms that requires end user input.  Based on that input, I have created an output form (within a merged or combined pdf).  Specifically, I ask for home value and mortgage balance.  From those inputs I calc mortgage balance / home value using the simplified field notation.  I keep getting the above error saying format does not match the field I am trying to calculate.  my claca appear to be correct but when i clear the form, i get this message.


      going crazy!!

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Try setting the field's format to 'None' and see what appears in the field.


          What are the values of the 'mortgage balance' and 'home value' when this message appears?


          Is there an obvious arithmetic problem when using these values?


          Is the result of this calculation defined?


          You need to write a 'Custom calculation script' to avoid this situation.

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            pmrfin Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.

            I think I figured it out.  I took out the format of the field to be calc'd and the result was, like 3.2 and should be 32%.  So I just added a couple of hidden fields to get that format (3.2) and then ran a simplified calc to get the percentage.  (100 * Text39)  (the value of Text39 is 3.2).  That gets me the percentage I wanted.

            I guess that's what IT guys call a work around...

            Thanks again for your help.

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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I think you missed the point. You are computing a percentage by division. If I remember by primary grade arithmetic correctly, one can not divide by zero! But I learned in high school algebra that under certain conditions it could be done but the value would approach Infinity or negative infinity. Acrobat can compute and report a result of 'Infinity' or 'Negative Infinity' with a text string or it will report a non-computable result with the 'NaN', Not a Number, text string. Text strings are not a numeric format, so if you divide by zero you will receive a text string response and that text string is not a numeric value.


              You should be writing a custom calculation script to test for division by zero prior to performing the division.