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    Multiple problems, can anyone help? Timecode issues, rendering issues, and playback issues...


      Hello all you crazy filmy people!  I have some problems, this is my first time posting so be patient!


      Firstly, my machine is brand new - running Windows Vista Business (64 Bit), it's an Intel Core i7 CPU (920 @ 2.6 GHz) with 4GB RAM.  It's had a fresh reinstall after encountering problems with Premiere CS4 (there are no other programmes installed on the edit suite) and the entire Creative Suite was uninstalled and reinstalled.  My graphics card is an ATI Radeon X1600/X1650 series which is "working properly".  The driver is dated 2/25/2009 which seems perfectly reasonable.  Video card is BlackMagic.




      1) I cannot seem to work with timecode whatsoever - not even after loading an old project from Premiere CS2 that was batch captured properly (within Premiere CS2)........ basically, SOME of the timecode that was there in CS2 has now mysteriously been reset to 0:00:00 (etc)..... this is very frustrating as I have 18 commercials that need to be onlined and now I have no reference (feel my pain, 15" ads that were shot on over 32 different reels) - this is going to take me an age to do manually as it is such tiny moments that need to be picked out and I am freaking out!!!!


      2) I can't render. At all. It plays back fine, 90% of the time, but seriously guys - why is this happening?? I'm not using anything with funny codecs - this is pure clean .avi footage that was digitised within CS4!!!??  Highly frustrating, especially when I have to explain to clients why things are jittery!


      3) goshdarnit why did they take away the export frame feature! SOO annoying going through this new Media Encoder fandangle and then, after all the effort of setting everything up, the frame is capture and is BLURRY (argh! need I say more!)


      4) Ok, so since when did "un"-enabling audio tracks lead to fuzzy beeps and weirdness when it comes to playing back audio?


      5) Last, but worst, I cannot upgrade to 4.01 because I can't even work without it crashing.


      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!


      I don't know what to do and I am not getting any support from IT because we know pretty much as much as each other!!