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    Synchronous processing of dat file using Adobe Output Server


      Hello everyone


      I have a doubt regarding Adobe Output Server. Currently my output server is running as a window service named "Adobe Central Output Server" in my machine referring to executable path E:\Jetform\Central\Control\jfservic.exe. It keeps on running irrespective of whether .dat file is present for further processing or not. In case .dat is there in data folder[location where my code writes into .dat file] it picks it up and does all the processing to give the result in form of Print/Fax. But when there is no .dat file present , still the service keeps on running consuming memory & cpu resource.


      Curently my code drops a .dat file in data folder and dont bother about what happens to that .dat file afterwards. Its Adobe Output Server service that is running that keeps on monitoring data folder for any new dat file to process them further.


      I want to stop that window service permanently and i wish to change some logic in my code so that as and when my program drops a .dat file in Data folder then i invoke Adobe Output Server or some of its component so that it picks up that dat file and does all the processing to generate Print/Fax and once its done with processing , the execution of Adobe central server ends. And it remains dead till its invoked by the program to process a new dat file.


      So basically i was wondering whether there is possibiliy of invocation of Adobe Output Server is available or not for synchronous processing of dat file from the code.

      Any suggestions , any ideas , any doubts on it are most welcome.