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    How to keep timeline centered on ripple delete?

    stagetwo Level 1

      I can't figure out a short way to ask this question, so forgive my wordiness.


      Let's say I want to cut a clip into three segments with the intention of removing the middle segment and closing the gap.  After making the first cut at the start of the middle segment, I would then zoom into where I would make the second cut at the end of the middle segment.  If I then right click on the middle segment and choose "ripple delete," the middle segment is removed and the gap is closed, but I am left looking at the same point on the timeline where I made the second cut.  I want my screen to automatically jump to the new edit point.  As it is now, I have to scroll to the left and manually find the edit point.  Premiere 6.5 would keep the edit point centered on the screen.  Is there a setting in CS4 that would change this?


      J. D.