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    Unable to generate primary layout in RoboHelp HTML X5


      Several years ago I had created a project using RoboInfo Publisher 5.  It's a pretty extensive knowledge base with multiple folders, topics, and a decent index.  When I switched computers recently I attempted to reinstall RoboInfo 5, only to find that I couldn't activate it.  When I called Adobe support, I was given an installer for RoboHelp X5 as RoboInfo was no longer supported.


      Now, when attempting to update my existing project in RoboHelp HTML X5, I'm finding that the Generate Primary Layout menu selection is grayed out.  I can create a new project and publish it without issues, but I cannot get my existing one to publish.  After some research, I deleted the cpd file and re-opened the project.  The first time I open it, after the index is recreated, I can select the Generate Primary Layout menu, but nothing comes up.  If I close and re-open the app, the menu selection is grayed out again.


      Any thoughts?