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    Cooling the Core i7 920

    Jim W-R

      I've ordered and will be building an Intel Core i7-based workstation (2.66GHz) and plan to do a little overclocking to a little over 3GHz. I read somewhere (can't find the source any longer) that much of the problem with the heat sink/fan assembly that comes stock from Intel is that they do a poor job with heat transfer to the sink. The article said that if you clean it up and add your own compound (ex:Artic Silver) and reaasemble that the Intel cooler works fine.

      Do any of you have experience to offer around this issue?


      BTW, the case I'll be using is a big Coolermaster tower with lots of room and fans, so the overall environment should be favorable. I'm not adding anything else to the system that will be unusually hot. (only 4 HDs, a Radeon 4890, 12 GB of DDR3 and a Corsair 750w PSU....a video I/O card at some point)


      Thanks for any help!