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    Screen gets frozen

      Hi ,

      The problem is screen gets frozen when
      I am trying to add a row to the datagrid dynamically.
      The datagrid gets populated from a arraycollection dataprovider ,
      In my screen I first get the datapopulated in the datagrid , after that when I try to click any button under the grid the screen gets frozen .
      Can any body solve htis issue
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          I had to comment out the renderer as you did not provide the getDetail method. The attached code does not freeze when the AddCondition button is clicked. Can you modify the attached code, adding to it whatever is missing to reproduce your problem, then we can help. Thanks.
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            nash99 Level 1
            I am sorry here is the code for the getDetail()

            public function getDetail(event:MouseEvent,button1:Button):void{

            currentState1 = button1.label;

            if(( currentState1 == null)||( currentState1 == 'Y'))
            // if ( currentState1 == 'X')
            currentState1 = "Y";

            var States : Array = new Array("Y", "N", "*", "-");
            var i :int;
            for( i=0;i<States.length;i++)
            if ( currentState1 == States )
            button1.label = States[i+1];

            if ( currentState1 == States[3])
            button1.label = States[0];

            If you need anything else , I can send you
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              Now I get an error cannot find currentState1.

              Can you please modify my code until you can reproduce the error and then repost, otherwise I can't look at this. Your sample code should repro the problem.