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    Lots of PRE issues!



      I have been working with pre for almost three months, and am continually receiving a number of issues while working with the software. The footage I work with can be anywhere from 15m to 6H in length.


      I currently run:


      AMD Athlon™ Dual Core Processor 4050e

              2 GB RAM

              256 ATI Radeon x1300Pro


      I also have two internal storage drives one full at 74 GB and one almost half full at 1TB


      Before I start a project I defrag all of my relevant drives. And I always set the cache and scratch discs to achieve optimal performance.


      The footage is from a Canon HG20


      These are my problems:


      ·         I have consistently gotten “registry errors” or “low virtual memory” errors while I’m working. When the registry errors occur pre shuts down. When I get low virtual memory errors I promptly up my virtual memory and sometimes I’m fine sometimes I’m not and pre shuts down.


      ·         Exporting issues when burning to DVD; either from a previously exported avi file of the same project (as recommended in the manual when problems arise), or sometimes just straight to DVD export. There are areas where pixels on the DVD’s footage that just go corrupt, as in black pixel sections will just appear on the DVD’s disc menu that’s been exported but they aren’t present in the file. Or I have a clip of footage that when I play through the timeline like normal the clip is fine. But once it was exported the video disappeared completely


      ·         Rendering and exporting take forever! One file that was six hours long took about 15 days to render fully and another 2-3 days to export, and I used minimal effects. However some of my smaller files have issues as well. It recently took me a full 24 hrs to render 1 hr of footage with minimal effects.


      ·         I have also gotten a few error messages after or during export. In the past I hadn’t always written them down. The most recent error while exporting to a FLV occurred when it was saving:

      “Desktop Display Mode has been reset because the video card returned an error

      Please reset desktop display mode in the play back setting dialog as this may impact play back performance”


      ·         I also just recently received this error “The exception unknown sftw (90xc00000le) occurred in the application at location 0x22c10140”


      I know I just put a lot out there. But if anyone has the time to reply that would be awesome!


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          Paul_LS Level 4

          You are using AVCHD footage... you should keep your project under an hour... or even less. Make sure any photos are down-ressed to the frame size.


          If you are exporting standard definition it will probaby solve a lot of problems if you convert your footage to standard definition, Your long export times are because PE7 is resizing every high definition frame down to standard definition. So by converting to standard definition your export times will be quicker and the program will be more stable. Obviously it will take time to convert your files.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Paul has addressed your Assets. For your error messages, one thing missing from your system description is your Virtual Memory (Page File) setup, with size, location and how it's managed by Windows. Another bit of info is how your HDD's are utilized, i.e. OS and programs only on C:\, media, Project and Scratch Disks on D:\, plus your HDD's connections, i.e. SATA II w/ onboard controller chip. These can all be contributing factors.


            For Registry errors, you likely have corruption in your Windows Registry. I use CCleaner to handle any Registry problems. There are other similar programs available.


            To help track down some of these issues, you might find help in this ARTICLE.


            Good luck,




            PS also note that Rendering speed is dependent on the CODEC's used (both to work with the media and also to Export to), the CPU and the Duration of the Project. Speaking of Duration of Project, your 6 hr. opus will require ~ 80GB just for the file. The necessary working files for PE will possibly be double that, while the Transcoding/Export is going on. Here, your I/O sub-system will come into play as data transfer rates need to be fairly high also. If it's also trying to manage the Page File, things can give.

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              kkegg Level 1

              Thanks for all the Help!


              Unfortunately I am unable to keep my footage under an hour in most cases. When I am working with larger amounts of footage, as in the 6 hour files, I will typically shoot in the lower qualities that the camera allows for such as SP and LP, and will convert the footage to standard def accordingly. I raerly use photos.


              The Virtual Memory setup changes as I go, often I will start out at 1500 and then be somewhere near the 3050 ball park. Yes my OS and programs are on my C:\ drive. The media, projects, and Scratch Disks are set on my 1 TB SATA drive.


              I will say that there is something odd that occurs. Whenever I try and set the cache to the SATA drive, it will revert back to the C:/ drive. I have minimal working space available on my C drive, which is why I send everything to the TB. I’m imagining this is part of the problem. When I set the cache, it will take the entire time the window is open. But upon closing and reopening the window it will have reverted back to the C drive, for just the cache, nothing else. I guess this could mean I haven’t really set everything as correctly as I thought I did when creating the file.


              I think when everything was said and done my 6H opus created 137GB folder. The TB SATA drive that I mostly work off of has a 7200 RPM transfer speed.


              I read the thread that was suggested to me. And now I have another question in relation to it. I have for the life of me been trying to install Vista SP2, and it refuses to install. I’ve been going back and forth with the wonderful service representatives, and so far no dice. I do realize that I am asking a lot of the software in general. However how much weight does the numerous failed install attempts of SP2 have on the running of pre? Is this signifying more than what meets the eye?


              Thanks Again!



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I do similar with a couple of large Projects. Everything regarding the Projects are on 2TB FW-800 externals, and I swap between my laptop and my workstation. The big difference is that I have 3x 200GB HDD's on the laptop and 2 are almost always empty. The workstation has 6x 1TB's and usually 4 are nearly always empty.


                Have not heard of any SP-2 installation problems, but I mostly read the Adobe fora, so all I have to go on, is what Adobe users are experiencing. Could well be problems that others are having, but they're not posting to anything Adobe.


                Good luck,



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Vista can corrupt, preventing you from updating. This is a very bad thing.


                  The solution is to put the Vista installation disk into your drive and do a repair install.


                  The good news: I've done it. It usually fixes everything (including funky behavior like you're seeing) and in most cases it won't affect the stuff that's on your hard drive.


                  The bad news: It is essentially a re-installation of the operating system so, once you're done, you'll need to go to Windows Update several times to get all of the updates (often rebooting between updates).

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                    I used to get your Display error with my x1650 card. There are several different possibilites to fix this issue, most required being able to get into the advanced bios setup. For me I had to up my voltage to resolve the issue.  A google on the problem will give many things to try. I hope this helps.