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    .htaccess URL Rewriting causing Contributed "Edit" to freeze


      Hi everyone!


      We run an DW-Template-backed website, with approximately 40-50 Contribute users. We've recently been trying to employ some URL rewriting via the mod_rewrite ISAPI plugin for IIS6 (yes, yes, IIS is awful; I know. My admin is a Windows-trained guy. Oh well. :/). Normally, everything goes hunky-dory and edits occur just fine. So this problem is specifically related to Contribute failing with URL-Rewriting enabled.


      Our problem is this:

      Whenever I have URL-rewriting enabled, Contribute users are unable to edit any pages. Attempting to edit results in the program hanging, and then ultimately crashing entirely. Again, this ONLY occurs when URL Rewriting is enabled.



      We've been able to fix this for SOME users, by simply adding in additional RewriteConditions that abort rewriting if the user_agent is MSIE 6.0 (my computer still has IE6, with standalone IE7) -- but I would rather not have to disable rewriting for all versions of IE, if at all possible.


      Does anyone have any ideas about what we can do to prevent Contribute from crashing when URL rewriting is enabled? I have a feeling it's failing during the creation of the temporary draft files. Our contribute keys are set up to use SFTP, which should NOT be affected by rewriting AT ALL -- but if Contribute is instead using HTTP during file creation, that might be why.


      any ideas? I tried calling Tech Support, but I don't think they are trained on things like this.