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    Slider Bar Glitch

    shintashi Level 1

      I adapted a horizontal slider bar to a vertical slider bar, and it appeared to work, but I noticed when I drag it down partially, and then release, I can drag it further down, but not back up. I have included my code below, with "slide" being the button that slides up and down the "slider" located in the navigation.tableu4 movie clip.


      What did I do wrong to make the slider bar a "one way trip" and how do I "buy it round trip tickets"?




      onEnterFrame = function(){


          var y_num:Number = navigation.tableu4.slider.slide._y;
          navigation.tableu4.slider.slide.onPress = function(){
          y_num = navigation.tableu4.slider.slide._y;
          navigation.tableu4.slider.slide.onRelease = navigation.tableu4.slider.slide.onReleaseOutside = function(){
          onMouseMove = function(){
          navigation.tableu4.backscreen.backslide._y = 30 - y_num * 1.618;