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    DataGrid issue




      I'm having a strange issue that I'm hopeing someone else has encountered and solved.


      I have a datagrid in a module that I load into a shell. When the datagrid is displayed the header is collapsed and no text shows up ( header or DataGridColumns )


      I can get the header text to display if I set styles in my css for the datagrid ( or by setStyle ) for fontfamily, fontSize and color and specify the headerHeight I want. However, the rows remain "textless". I can see that the dataGrid is populated by my dataProvider since there are two rows inserted that I can rollover and select, but no text visible in the columns...


      I've tried a few different ways of providing the data - xml, ArrayCollection, manually put objects in the dataProvuider tag, but so far the data provider method does not seem to be the issue.


      Appreciate any help I can get on this.