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    $rhvariable$.htm file in RH8: what is it?

    Gravenstein Level 2

      I see a new file in RH8: $rhvariable$.htm. It's a zero-size file, sitting at the root level of the project, and so far I see it in only one project. (This is separate from the rhvariable.apj file, which is present and expected.)


      Does anybody know what this file is?




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          Gravenstein Level 2

          This is odd. I am looking at filemon, and there are a whole bunch of accesses for $rhvariable$.htm that look something like this:

          explorer.exe:nnnn   OPEN    C:\path\$rhvariable$.htm\:Docf_SummaryInformation:$DATA       NOT FOUND    Options: Open  Access: Read


          I also see the same kind of accesses for rhvariable.apj:

          explorer.exe:nnnn    OPEN    C:\path\rhvariable.apj\:QebiesnrMkudrfcoIaamtykdDa:$DATA      NOT FOUND    Options: Open  Access: Read


          Those two are the only ones I see in that sort of format. I am not sure what to make of this.



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            feebeegeebee Level 1


            I'm also baffled by the appearance of this file.

            I don't know whether it is a coincidence, but since I noticed this file earlier, I have had a couple of error dialogs appear in RoboHelp, which reference a file that apparently contains "illegal characters". Unfortunately, the dialog is not big enough to display the full file path & name, which is very frustrating.

            RoboHelp has crashed both times, just after this error message.

            Anyone else out there know what this file is and where it has come from?



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              Any updates as to what this 0 KB .htm file is ? Noticed it in my Unused Files report, so guess I'll just go ahead and delete it, but was just curious if any one knows what it is and how it gets created.



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                MergeThis Level 4

                A relatively painless search on "$rhvariable$.htm robohelp" revealed several results. The #2 result is this one, in which Peter reveals the innocuous purpose of this file.



                Good luck,