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    Opening A New Window


      Okay, so here's my problem, I work for a small newspaper in a small town and such. We've started up a Website Listing in our newspaper giving links to websites. Since we also publish our paper online in PDF format, my boss wanted me to to link the website links to the actual websites, not a hard task. So basically the point where I'm stuck at is when you open up a PDF document in any browser, there's an imbedded version of the pdf that you can read, but when you get to the links, clicking on the links causes the link to open up in the same tab the PDF was in, basically like any other website when you click a link. BUT he wants me to make it to where you click the link and it opens up in a NEW tab or window. I've already spent majority of the day trying to figure out how to do this by using the Run a Javascript. Anyone got any suggestions? I'm kinda stuck on this one.


      TL:DR version: opening up a link in a new window from an embeded pdf in a browser.