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    Timeline actions don't fire from singleton instance


      I'm building a pretty big site with dozens of swfs and classes.  The vast majority of my code exists in external classes, but there are a number of movie clips that have actions on frames in the timeline.  Mostly animated rollovers and png sequences.  All of a sudden, all these frame actions just stopped working.  It seems to coincide with my decision to use the Singleton design pattern to make the interface easily available throughout the site.  Now, anytime I dynamically create an instance of a class (and add it to the display list), its frame actions don't fire--whether that action is "stop()", "this.dispatchEvent(new Event(Event.COMPLETE)))" (which is supposed to fire at the end of an animation sequence), or "trace ('STOP THIS F)&*$X(#!! TIMELINE')".


      I don't get any compiler errors or anything--the frames just don't respond.  The movie clips do still respond to methods from their linked classes.


      All this stuff used to work before I added the Singleton functionality.  Reverting to the previous version is an option, but the Singleton functionality I've already built in is pretty useful.  Besides, I'd rather find out the solution rather than work around the problem.


      Thanks in advance for any help....