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    Styling breadcrumbs not working on topic level

    deliasc Level 1

      breadcrumbs-usetopiclevel.jpgI see that when generating for WebHelp Pro you are able to decide if you style the breadcrumbs there or through the topic level.  When i select to have it through the topic level it doesn't seem to to add the class="breadcrumbs" on the p tag for the breadcrumbs and as a result they are not being styled on the topic level.


      I do see that in the whutils.js file i could easily add the class name through the function in there, but I don't think that would be wise since im assuming it would be overriden all the time.


      Thanks for any explanation or workaround to this issue.  I would like to have them all through a stylesheet and not through the js file.

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          In the Webhelp Output, RoboHelp adds the following (standard) code into each topic (Topic names and hyperlinks depend on the page):


          document.write("<p style=\"text-align:right\"> ");
          AddMasterBreadcrumbs("../Basisvaardigheden.htm", "", ">", "Home", "../Basisvaardigheden_1.htm");
          document.write("<a href=\"Beheer.htm\">Basisvaardigheden beheer</a> > Codetabellen</p>");


          There is no direct way to avoid this, other than changing the RoboHelp source files, or changing the style after you create the help. Personally, I use a php script to change the text


          document.write("<p style=\"text-align:right\"> ");




          document.write("<p class=\"bread\" style=\"text-align:left\"> <span class=\"bot\"><a href=\"javascript:window.print()\"><img src=\"../pics/bt_afdrukken_2.gif\" border=\"0\"></a></span> ");


          This script apply's the class bread to every breadcrumb paragraph and inserts a print image before the breadcrumbs. Note that the text that RoboHelp writes in your topic depends on the style you define when you create the webhelp.