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    HDV Export to tape stops after ~3 minutes


      Hey there,


      maybe someone in here can help me out?

      I own a canon HV30 HDV tape camera. I imported a number of sequences into CS4 and put them together to a small video clip & music etc. Now, I want to export this lil HDV masterpiece back on tape & watch it on my projector.


      Problem is, that the Export to tape function works fine, but the camera stops suddenly recording telling that there is something wrong with the connection to the pc. This happens mostly around 3 minutes within the video. CS4 does not react at this point at all and still shows the usual export progress bar. In fact - sometimes - later the picture reapears within the camera even if the recording stopped already. My hypothesis is that (I do not know why) CS4 stops sending content for a while to the camera and that this is the reason why the camera "thinks" that the connection is lost.


      I have tried a couple of different behaviours, but it all seems not to work. Anyone with ideas? Much appreciated...