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    AE not loading all effects and presets

    BruceMCE Level 1

      I'm running CS3 on Windows XP, on my company's network. When I start AE I get a message stating that not all effect can be loaded and to reinstall with the serial #. That has been done, but I keep getting the same error message. None of the CC effects (ie CC_Sphere) are available. Does anyone know where I can download the missing effects/presets?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There's nothing to download. The plug-ins have to be installed with the main install and are packaged this way. If there are serialization issues, most likely at some point a trial was installed and left to time out. This can only be fixed by uninstalling then re-installing. Since you say you have done that without getting it working, I recommend you start with a clean slate. uninstall all otehr Adobe applications, use the CS3 Clean Script from the support pages. This will completely reset all install info for Adobe apps and remove all remnants and should allow you to attempt a clean full install.