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    Sony A700 - unreasonable BayerGreenSplit with craw

    Panoholic Level 2

      The DNG converter inserts BayerGreenSplit with 10000 if the raw data was compressed lossily by the camera (craw). Interesting is, that


      1. the DNG specification states


      The useful range for this tag is from 0 (no divergence) to about 5000 (quite large divergence)


      What is then the meaning of 10000?


      2. a DNG converted from a lossless raw file does not show any BayerGreenSplit.


      3. I find the greens well balanced, identically in raw and craw, within 0.01 EV; this is particularly interesting, regarded that some other cameras exhibit differences like 0.07 EV, without getting BayerGreenSplit assigned.


      I don't know if ACR gives a fig for BayerGreenSplit, but if it does, then this error may have serious consequences.