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    Importing Files in RH HTML 7


      I have recently converted a project from RH Word to HTML.  For the most part, this process has gone well.  There are about 4 topics/html file (some large, some not) that didn't survive the conversion very well.  Essentially, when I try to access them from the project manager, RH spins and spins.  I've let it sit there for HOURS, hoping it might still bring up the topic, but to no avail.  So I've tried to import a backup of this html file, only to have the same problem.  RH will say that the file has been imported ok, but it won't open it... it just spins.  I've tried to import this topic as a Word doc, but that doesn't work either.  I get about the first page of the document and that's it.  Any and all advice would be appreciated.