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    Exporting video production, with text transcription as subtitles?


      Hi there,

      I am having issues with displaying the transcribed text as 'subtitles' once i've exported my project, and I'm not too sure why.


      Right now, my process involves:

      1. Downloading a series of clips from youtube as FLV files

      2. Importing the files into Premiere Pro CS4

      3. Selecting Clip >> Audio Options >> Transcribe to Text

      4. Once the text transcription is complete, I edit it accordingly, to ensure the words are accurate

      5. I then select File >> Export >> Media, with the export settings of "FLV | F4V".

      6. I make sure the option "Include Source XMP Metadata" is ticked.


      Once exported, I try to preview the FLV file from my desktop, but no captions appear?



      Does anyone know how to resolve this?



      Your help is much appreciated,