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    Expiry date on CD that contains training files



      This question is not pure about Captivate (4) but i will ask it anyway.


      We use the published swf files and insert them in html files that are linked to each other.

      We would like to put the whole thing on a CD with and autorun file. So far no problem.


      What we also like to do is that the CD won't play after a certain date but instead display a message like:

      "This module is out of date. Please contact such and such to get the latest version" to ensure users are not looking at out of date modules.


      I know it is possible, I don't know how to create a "date checker" myself. I am also aware that this solution is not fool proof. People can change the date on their computer and voila the CD works again. But if they go through so much effort, at least they are aware that the content might not be up-to-date.


      Has anybody an idea or can anybody point me in the right direct (or forum ).


      Cheers, Helga