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    Settings for output - input in web format


      I use screen capture to create internal training videos for my company, we capture them at 1024x768 15fps. Under the old Premiere CS3 we had no issues setting up a Sequence for this and after editing it was just a quick job to go file> Export > QuickTime, we used to finish the compression off in a 3rd party app.


      With the introduction of CS4 I expected Adobe to have made it even easier, but it would appear not, all the settings seem to be focused on TV / Film outputs and it would also seem that they have removed the simple export feature. Since I could not create the correct settings directly in CS4 I used one of my prproj files that I created in CS3, but when playing the video back at 100% the video is blurred, even if I get around that It would seem that exporting has taken on a total new twist.


      I am hoping that I am missing something really fundamental here and some other user can call me an idiot and highlight my errors, all help and comments are welcome.