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    invokeEvent/App Focus weirdness


      I have an Air app that is designed to minimize to the system tray whenever it loses focus. The app can be maximized by clicking from the tray or from hotkeys. To maximize from hotkeys we have a native OS app (a windows .exe for now) that listens for the hotkeys and then attempts to launch the air exe file. We capture the invokeEvent in the Air app and maximize the window using activate(). All this works fine, however if there are other open windows onscreen that have focus the app does not consistently receive keyboard and mouse focus when maximized from hotkeys. Setting alwaysOnTop is a partial fix but when the app is maximized from hotkeys and does not receive focus then it also does not minimize properly as it doesn't have focus to begin with.


      Anyone have ideas or experience with this? It seems that the invokeEvent is only getting called once so there is no collision of events or any similar weirdness.


      Any help would be appreciated.