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    Missing Features




      Just got ahold of Flash Catalyst, I'm a Flash user familiar with XHTML and CSS.


      So it appears as if the right-click-> choose application to edit an object is not in the beta yet. Do you guys have an expected date? Maybe I'm missing something.


      Also, it would be nice to be able to cut and paste and import multiple objects from Illustrator and have them appear as separte items. Right now it appears that I have to bring them in individually, or if in a group in a single file, then cut and paste them into the different states of the button (plus convert them into symbols.)







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          Hi Karen,


          In his demo video (http://vimeo.com/5073741) Thibault Imbert says that most of the "group" related functions aren't implemented yet, like choosing multiple object with the ctrl key, etc... we juste have to wait


          In the same video he also says that we're only able to edit illustrator files from the right-clic menu for the moment... once more we gotta wait!