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    PageMaker 6.5 to PDF


      I have a large (20 meg) 20 page document in PageMaker that I have converted to a PDF file.  The graphics are not imbedded in PageMaker (they are linked, file crashed the other way).  The PDF file is not printing with the high quality graphics that I get printing with PM.  I need color on some pages so am sending to a QuickPrint type place. They are unable to print PM files.  I tried linking graphics in Acrobat, but got the same quality printout.  What do I need to do?





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          when you export the PDF make sure you send all data of the images. subsampling will give you low quality images. also make sure you are not downsampling your images with Distiller.


          Images should always be linked never embed images in the PM file. When you export the PDF the images will be embedded in the PDF at that time.


          If you think an image is crashing the PDF export, just export half the pages and see which half crashes. keep doing this until you narrow it down to what page.

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            Thank you, this is helpful.  I probably messed up when it was distilled.  I have had challenges in the past with distiller not working on smaller files.  I used to have to convert to Post Script then to PDF.  I had a bad version of Distiller on my computer.  I actually had it in two places, looks like I tossed the offending file.


            My print shop is going to be able to actually use the PM file, so everything should turn out fine for this job.


            thanks again,