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    Fireworks MX 6.0 Gradient fill - Vista issue?

    Jeff Hill

      I'm using an old version of Fireworks MX on a Dell with Vista Business SP1, and am having problems creating a gradient fill, something I had no problem with on the old machine.


      I have an empty 1000x90 canvas on which I want to apply a black-to-white gradient. A 150x90 logo with a black background will overlay the left end of the banner, so I want to start the ramp just to the right of where the logo will be.The problem is that no matter how I try to exit the fill options dialog, it reverts to a solid fill. I'm wondering if I've simply forgotten something, or if this is a Vista issue.


      Here what I do:

      1. select all,then click the paint bucket tool
      2. click the color tool
      3. In properties explorer, expand fill category and  select fill options
      4. select linear
      5. select the Black,White preset
      6. clck edit
      7. drag the left (black) icon over to the right a bit
      8. At this point the preview looks good and I can see that the fill icon in properties explorer is showing the gradient - so far so good.
      9. Unfortunatrly, no matter whre I click next, it reverts to a solid fill.

      Is anyone using this version of MX under Vista, and gotten the gradient fill to work?