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    Flash loading and initialization messages for cached swf files


      Hi all,


      Please help me to understand the behavior of preloader wrt cached files.


      In our app, we cause the browser to cache the swf files when requested for a page.

      The first time when the swf file is displayed/rendered, user is shown messages like

      Loading , initializing . However there was an expectation that on refresh or clicking

      to view the same chart report would not show these messages as the file was cached.

      (We do not use RSLs yet) .


      1. Please can someone clarify  the above.  Is this got to do with behavior of preloader

      and whetehr the preloader will display messages irrespective of file is cached

      (even loading message comes up  on successive requests  for the same cahced file)


      2. Whether Implmenting RSL would have any change