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    Collision with object inside flash member

    Zoel Fikr

      see picture

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          Chunick Level 3

          the images are a great reference, but could you also show the code you've been working on?


          btw, I'm not sure I've ever encountered this particular issue before and couldn't really say what kind of work it would take to make an object in Director follow an object in a flash sprite member on the stage... interesting problem, at any rate (however, this along with the other post seems a bit like a school project).

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            Zoel Fikr Level 1

            Btw thanks you i apretiate that,hehehe realy my friend


            i'd like to make figthing object with other object like mortal combat games character


            i'm sure about another script i dont need tutorial but this is the basic for another script seem like triger for another too.


            u know mortal combat or another fight games? i think that use a collision detection with head, body, foot.

            i try to ilustrate like this:

            1. i have two charater will fight (flash member for standing, figthing, kick, and another position)

            2. if other character hit me in my head (collide with head rect.) and my member swap to hitmyhead.swf

            3. if other character hit my body (collide with my body rect) and my member swap to hitmybody.swf



            at director that already has function to detect collision taht is intersects function

            but... if i use :


            it will detect my rect. It is not my solution isn it?

            cause it will detect for all my rect not for my only head collide or my body collide or my foot collide

            i think solution is use a flash member that the head object, body, or foot object inside flash member will triger function inside director that i will figure at my movie script.


            understood my friend?hehehe sory for my language.. poor isnt it..

            the simple is "i want to make fight games" lkie mortal combat, but doesnt complex like that.Just figth.. thats a lot of sample online but it use actionscript, i dont want use that. I just want use lingo..sory,hehehe